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Winner of 11 national awards, Scotty B's gourmet hot sauces are like no others.


In addition to being all natural, gluten free, low in sodium and vegan, our sauces are among the select few on the market that are not made with a water or vinegar base. Instead, we use tomato or pepper base, which adds immense flavor and depth to our delicious sauces. They're also free of preservatives, MSG, and other bad stuff.


Anything but ordinary, our seven amazing hot sauces offer heat without compromising the natural flavors of the chilies, since we do not use capsaicin extract– an ingredient found in most other hot sauces. Each sauce has its own unique explosion of flavor and will please the pickiest hot sauce connoisseur to even the most daring chili head.


Flavors include: Ghostly Garlic, Arch Nemesis, Sweet Jalapeno, Sweet Habanero, and Chipotle fever.


Can Be added to meats, fish, Asian food, barbecue and grill, Hispanic foods, pizza, burgers and more. Try Scotty B's to add some flavor and spice to your life!

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